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 History's strongest disciple Kenichi (7/7/10)

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History's strongest disciple Kenichi (7/7/10) Empty
PostSubject: History's strongest disciple Kenichi (7/7/10)   History's strongest disciple Kenichi (7/7/10) EmptyWed Jul 07, 2010 10:37 pm

[img]History's strongest disciple Kenichi (7/7/10) Histor10[/img]

plot summery: Kenichi Shirahama a avarge high schooler he not strong or good looking his nickname is weak legs Kenichi his only "good" friend is nijima (nijima is mistaken for an alien alot <,<) this all changes when he stumbles on to a scean of one of his class mates helping someone from some muggers she is miu furenji; as kenichi trys to help her, miu is able to beat up the muggers

Op 1

Op 2

History's strongest disciple Kenichi (7/7/10) CirnoFanSig

History's strongest disciple Kenichi (7/7/10) Outlawsclansyntherjane

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History's strongest disciple Kenichi (7/7/10)
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