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 Rules And Stats WIP

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Rules And Stats WIP Empty
PostSubject: Rules And Stats WIP   Rules And Stats WIP EmptyFri Sep 16, 2011 2:21 pm

Each Player Needs At Least 1 Deck
Each Deck Must Contain At Least 5 Cards
Each Card Must Be At Least
1 Melee Attack (MA) 10dmg
1 Weak Shot (WS) 10 dmg
1 Strong Shot (SS) 20 dmg
1 Power Attack (PA) 10-60 dmg
1 Defence Spell (DS) -50 dmg

Optional Cards May Include
Enhancements (EH)
Heals (He)
Hexes (Hx)

The lower Dice Gets Attacked
Weak Shot Roll The Dice You Roll 4, Opponent Roll 3 - 10 dmg to Opponent
(This Applies For MA,WS,& SS)

Power Attack is your roll - opponets roll = dmg
(example: You Roll 6 = 60 dmg , Opponent Roll 4=40 def = 20hp - From Opponent

Def Spell - 50Dmg
(example1: you do 40 dmg to opponent , Opponent Casts Def = No Dmg To Opponent)
(example2: you do 60 dmg to oppmnent, Opponent Casts Def = 10 dmg to Opponent)

Enhance Spell
You Roll For A Chance At + Max Hp
(Example1: You Roll 6 +60 max hp, Opponent Roll 3 -30 Max Hp = You +30 Max Hp (30/100) + (+30 Max Hp) = (60/130)

Heal Spell
Roll For Chance At +Hp

Hex Spell
You Roll For A Chance At + Dmg Next Turn

Status Effect Spell (Part Of PA)

When A Power Attack Is Used A Status Effect May Be Used As Well
If Chosen To Do So A Coin Is To Be Flipped Heads= Success Tails = Fail
Freeze For 1 Turn
Paralyze For 1 Turn
Posion = -2 hp for x turns x= Dice roll - Def Roll YR=6 OR=3 = 3 Turns

Rules And Stats WIP Outlawsclanautumnrosemaster
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Rules And Stats WIP
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